There's a frigid chill blowing through an ice cave on Hoth, where a one-armed wampa is fruitlessly trying to cut a snowflake pattern of a one-armed wampa from Hoth.  For four years now I've been designing Star Wars themed snowflakes for everyone to download, cut, clip, unfold, bandage bloody fingers, and display proudly for the holidays. Please enjoy this new set and let's hope those new Star Wars movies get here soon. I'm running out of characters. As always, grab a sharp x-acto knife, a good cutting surface and lots of patience.

Share your snowflake creations. Use the hashtag #starwarssnowflakes


Download Your Own Snowflake Patterns

Preview each snowflake design below. To make your own Star Wars snowflakes at home, click HERE to go to the download page and download a pdf template.  

How To Fold and Cut the Snowflakes

Here is a video we made showing how to fold & cut snowflakes.