As a parent, and a long time LEGO fan, you jump at the chance of your child opting for a LEGO themed birthday party. (Even if that means gently persuading them that a LEGO themed party would be crazy-super-awesome) For our son's LEGO party, we tried to base it around specific LEGO sets that he had, and loved. At the time, this happened to be LEGO set 10655, Monster Trucks. A very cool set that encourages lots of customization. For this we enlisted our friend and amazing cake designer, Trisha Schultz. I featured Trisha previously with the Disney Princess/Star Wars mash-up cake that she made for my daughter. Sending her only a reference image of the monster truck set, Trisha created a really fun and exciting cake for our son. He loved it and I couldn't stop making monster truck sound effects. 


We also created a custom LEGO spin on the classic pin the tale on the donkey. Using a white vinyl banner, I painted an extra large generic LEGO Man. We created LEGO logo tags using each of the guest's names, and the guest who pinned the tag to the LEGO Man's chest, closest to the target, won.