Hi, I’m holding for General Hugs.

If you find yourself waiting for Christmas and the holiday season to get here, then grab yourself some scissors and make some new Star Wars Snowflakes. Taking inspiration from The Last Jedi and some amazingly strong characters (Except the Porgs. They are soft and delicious according to Chewbacca), I’ve created new snowflake patterns for everyone to enjoy.
As always I recommend using scissors, a sharp x-acto knife and patience. Have fun! 

Share your snowflake creations. Use the hashtag #starwarssnowflakes



Spread Some Cheer

As you create snowflake decorations for yourself, please consider making extra to share with others. Donate some crafted snowflakes to a local school, public library, community center, or a children's hospital. Bring some extra joy to someone this season. Here are some helpful links:

Find a local library
Find a Children's Hospital


Download Your Own Snowflake Patterns

Preview each snowflake design below. Download a pdf template from the list below the images.


2016 Star Wars Snowflakes PDF Downloads

Click on the name of the character to download the individual snowflake pdf pattern. Or download the entire set as a zip file.

Download the Entire Set


How To Fold and Cut the Snowflakes

Here is a video we made showing how to fold & cut snowflakes.


These designs are provided FREE to everyone to use to make themselves snowflakes. You may NOT use any of these designs for resale purposes, including producing other types of products using these designs.