Nothing screams holiday more than freshly cut Star Wars snowflakes hanging from the ledges. Thanks to the enormous popularity from last year, I've put together even more snowflakes featuring NEW characters and ships. Now you too can cut and craft Jedi, Imperials, Rebels and "Bounty Hunters, we don't need their scum." So grab yourself an x-acto knife, a couple of new sharp blades and just have some fun with these. Remember, the details can be tricky. Improvise if you need to. If that doesn't work then "I suggest a new strategy, R2: let the Wookiee win."

Share your snowflake creations. Use the hashtag #starwarssnowflakes



Spread Some Cheer

As you create snowflake decorations for yourself, please consider making extra to share with others. Donate some crafted snowflakes to a local school, public library, community center, or a children's hospital. Bring some extra joy to someone this season. Here are some helpful links:

Find a local library
Find a Children's Hospital


Download Your Own Snowflake Patterns

Preview each snowflake design below. To make your own Star Wars snowflakes at home, click HERE to go to the download page and download a pdf template.   

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2012 Star Wars Snowflakes PDF Downloads

Click on the name of the character to download the individual snowflake pdf pattern. Or download the entire set as a zip file.

Download the Entire Set


How To Fold and Cut the Snowflakes

Here is a video we made showing how to fold & cut snowflakes.