I like creating interesting snowflakes. Snowflakes are snow, snow is cold, like it's frozen... wait, I think I've got something. More Star Wars snowflakes! Seriously, Frozen is crazy popular and this just made sense. Here are seven Frozen themed snowflakes for your Christmas enjoyment. Decorate your home, bedroom or cubicle, but only if you promise to sing "Let It Go" as loud as you can, the entire time, as you are crafting these. Especially if your in an office. 

Share your snowflake creations. Use the hashtag #frozensnowflakes


Download Your Own Snowflake Patterns

Preview each snowflake design below. To make your own Frozen snowflakes at home, click HERE to go to the download page and download a pdf template. 

How To Fold and Cut the Snowflakes

Here is a video we made showing how to fold & cut snowflakes.